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We assess the usability of your existing platforms, organize and supervise user and user tests in order to reveal the weaknesses of your interfaces and processes. You will have thoughtful, data-backed, and easy-to-implement optimization suggestions available to you.


Thomas Gaudy is a UX Designer specializing in digital inclusivity. He has excellent knowledge of the typical behaviors of users and the psychological and social mechanisms underlying them as well as a spirit of analysis and synthesis supported by the mastery of programming tools.

Thomas gaudy


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I had the opportunity to use Thomas' services as a trainer for a tailor-made training project on ludociels, as part of Inis activities. Our collaboration has been impeccable and fluid. Thomas is meticulous, organized and also generous in the time he devotes to his teaching and his preparation time. It is with pleasure that we will use his services again!

- Claudine Douaire
Project manager in the service of continuing professional training at Inis



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